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Partial Foil

Hilighting wraps are placed  are placed throughout the fringe, sides and crown to brighten and enhance the depth of your colour. $90+

Full Foil

We often get the question "what's the difference between a full foil and a partial foil?" The answer is quite simple! A Full Foil  lightens and/or brightens everything a partial foil does, including the back down to the nape of the neck. How do you know if you need a full foil v. a partial foil? You can rest assure knowing our personalized recommendations will set you up on a beautiful path to achieve your desired results. $145+

Mini Foil

Delicately lighten just your fringe or part to add luminosity $75+

Flash Light

A revolutionary , fast-acting system that allows for targeted lightening. It quickly brings out the texture and movement of your haircut while creating a sun-kissed effect. Brilliant results will leave you in awe and wanting to tell everyone your "little hair secret" $55+

*note, not recommended on prelightened  or heat-damaged hair. 

Hair Model

Root Touch-Up $65+

Colour Balance $48+

Base Softening/Shadowing $65+

LIQUID by J. Beverly Hills (roots to ends) $85+

Double Process Lightening $135+

Colour Correction: Starting at $100/hr, based upon consultation

Woman With Makeup

Are you looking for the hottest trend in colour?

When it comes to colour, you have endless possibilities

BALAYAGE (ba-li-azhe), also spelled balyage or baliage, appeared in Francesometime in the mid 60's and was largely adopted by hair salons in the 70's. At the time it was called Balayage a'Cotton, for the cotton that was used to isolate the hilighted sections from the non- hilighted sections. Balayage, as the word itself means to sweep and in the case of balayage colour, it essentially means hair painting. Balayage hilightsappeared in the US sometime in the mid-80's but was largely abdoded by the best hair salons in NYC some time in the 90's as a hair colour technique to create sun-kissed blonde  hilights on the long hairstyles for the celebrity clients and early adopters clientelle. Sun-kissed blonde hilights like the ones had as little toddlers after spending all summer in the South of France i.e "babylights


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