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Dressed Up
Designer Cutting $58+

Tell us about your lifestyle and what you envision for your hair. Relax and enjoy a thorough hair and scalp cleanse with the core line of Kevin Murphy washes and rinses. Our designers will use hair texture, density and facial contours to create a style that's best for your style and attitude. 

Sport/Clipper Cut $40+

Weather you're looking for a classic sculpted cut or somethinh to soften masculine angles, we've got you covered. Your designer brings your finished look to the next level by helping you choose your own custom styling aides to help recreate your look at home.

Man Getting Hair Washed
Fashion Pose
Fringe Trim $10+

No Need to let your fringe out of control. Come in for a quick fix to keep the hair out of your eyes and your style sharp between appointments.

Childs Haircut $35+

Little locks? Lots of locks? We love them all. Childrens appointments are reserved for littles under 12.

The natural beauty of a child
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